Let’s talk education…it needs it.

Haven’t posted in awhile, but time to start discussing education again. I’ve really been thinking lately about the disconnect between how we learn things, how our system (schools, communities, politicians) expects us to learn, and how people become successful in life. Most of it is simply so engrained in our expectations we don’t even question it…but once you do, you begin to realize how silly, inaccurate, and just plain wrong much of it is. Don’t shoot the messenger – it took me years to get to this point. If you don’t know me, I’ve been a faculty member in higher education for about twenty years, and I’ve focused the past several specifically on learning concepts and applying that to the classroom. I’ve worked with lots of teachers, and I run the Teaching and Learning Center at the college where I work. So, you may not like what I say, but listen, consider, and think about it for awhile. I’m not the only one thinking these things – lots of people in the field agree, so keep an open mind. What’s wrong with education is not the fault of individual teachers or schools – it’s a much larger issue that’s tough to deal with. But…we have to try, so let’s get started.

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