I’m a professor of audio engineering near Hershey, PA, instructional designer, writer, and a theme park and roller coaster aficionado. As a partner of themedattraction.com, I produce a podcast on the themed entertainment industry with a few colleagues who used to work for Disney. And I write quite a bit, with a few books, articles on theme parks, and the occasional column for the professional audio industry.

My current project is a book on the regional theme park—their origin, design, and evolution over the decades. I trace the long journey from the grand world expositions, Coney Island, Disneyland, and all the regionals across the country. It should be complete by summer 2020; more information, including a free preview chapter, can be found at my publishing company.

RivershoreCreative.com is my publishing site where you can find details on my books, read articles on theme parks and design, and buy my books.