Albums engineered

I have engineered a lengthy list of albums that were commercially released, a good number of which received national radio airplay and distribution. Several of these achieved chart status. I had the privilege of working with great musicians and producers who were masters at their craft. Here is a list of many of the projects I engineered, quite incomplete only because I never really kept a log of all the albums I had a part of.
Eugene Friesen (Paul Winter Consort), re-cut of Arms Around You, Asheville, NC

Bumblebee Jive, Bumblebee Jive, Scott Music Publications, Los Angeles, CA

The Griffin Family, Pleasing in Thy Sight, GTS Records, New York, NY

Anthony Burger, Piano Classics II, Homeland Recording & Publishing, Nashville, TN

Karen Peck, My Father’s Words, Homeland Recording & Publishing, Nashville, TN

The Kingsmen, The Judgment, The Benson Company, Nashville, TN

The Dunns, The Blackest Crow, Mechanicsburg, PA

Truly Dangerous Swamp Band, Out There, Hear Here, Asheville, NC

The Mullins, Let’s Claim Them, Pinnacle Records, Asheville, NC

Sidekix, Just Like Her Mama, SMC Music, Burlington, NC

Among Friends, First Cut, Among Friends, Mechanicsburg, PA

The El Shaddai Singers, We Sing Hallelujah, Mechanicsburg, PA

Inside Out, Inside Out, Hear Here, Asheville, NC

Lois Gail, With My Song, Hear Here, Asheville, NC

Carmen Free, Farther Along, Pinnacle Records, Asheville, NC

Hayes Family, United in Love, Pinnacle Records, Asheville, NC

Greg Bentley, Greg Bentley, Pinnacle Records, Asheville, NC

The Popes, Worth the Wait, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

The John Collins Singers, Forever in Your Hands, Hear Here, Asheville, NC

Teddy Huffam and the Gems, The Way It Oughta Be, Pinnacle Records, Asheville, NC

Barry R. Hill, Piano Praise: A Collection of Worship Music, ECSU Records, NC

King Keiwanee Uhuru, Steadi Groov’, ECSU Records, Elizabeth City, NC

The Sharpes, As I Am, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

The Regents, Jesus Saved My Soul, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Canaanland, Somebody’s Coming For Me, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Rivers of Joy, We’re Gonna Rise With Him, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Greater Desire, Some Things Never Change, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

The Georgians, He’s My Savior, He’s My Lord, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Gospel Messengers, The Mountains and the Valleys, Morning Joy, Asheville, NC

The Sentinels, Seven Times, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Roy Knight Singers, Rivers Overflowing, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Rapture, He Wrote My Name, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Crystal Hathcock, I Just Want to Praise Jesus, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Johnny Parrack, Guess Where I’m Goin’ For Supper, Summit Records, Asheville, NC

Rob Morris, Rob Morris, Hear Here, Asheville, NC

Janet Barnes, Hurt, Hear Here, Asheville, NC

Jaqui Perry, Jaqui, Hear Here, Asheville, NC