The Pennsylvania State University

Doctor of Education
Instructional Systems – College of Education

I’ve been intensely interested in how people learn for two reasons: I’ve tried to help college students learn recording engineering for nearly 20 years, and I have two children of my own. Watching how they learn new things is quite revealing, and it doesn’t match well with what we generally do in school. So, I’m trying to help educators better understand how the learning process works and how to design learning environments (classes, etc) that connect better with people. My studies at Penn State involved learning and instructional design and were very instrumental in helping shape my thoughts and perspectives.

New York University

Master of Music Technology, Department of Music
Studies in Interactive Media, Tisch School of the Arts

The core studies of my graduate work at NYU included the unique program in Music Technology, one of only three graduate programs available in this field at the time. The emphasis is on computer-based applications for composition, interactive performance, and music production. Musicianship, creativity, and use of technological tools are the fundamental issues.

I was fortunate enough to complete half of my degree in the Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, NYU. ITP is one of the most highly regarded programs in interactive digital media. Studies include development of digital media, issues and concerns with how technology is developed and applied, copyright law, and creativity and effective design of digital media.

University of North Carolina – Asheville

B.S. in Music with Recording Arts
Department of Music

Considered “the” liberal arts institution in the University of North Carolina system, UNCA was a great place for my undergraduate years. My program combined a solid music experience with innovative courses in audio engineering and recording.