Learning Recording Engineering

This book is designed to help new engineers learn the foundations of how recording systems work. Just reading through the “how-to” chapters in a typical software guide won’t do this–they help you record stuff, but won’t really teach you the underlying operational concepts. Who cares? If you want to be a serious engineer who can readily learn any type of system you may run into, whether that be an analog console, digital mixer, or software, then you need some fundamentals. You need to be able to figure out new situations and solve problems that inevitably occur during sessions. There are no shortcuts for this–take the time to get it right from the beginning.

Learning Recording Engineering explains this foundation in context of what engineers do in the studio, from tracking and mixing to mastering. Audio examples let you actually hear what’s being described so it makes more sense. The book also provides a brief overview of the recording industry so you get a sense of how the technology fits into the overall picture. The book is written to be easy to follow and gradually builds your understanding of engineering terms, concepts, operations, and practice.

One educator had this to say about the book: “it was PRECISELY what I wanted for the students (and a good deal more, with your intuitive, beginner-friendly sequence)… of the things that I’m SUPER happy are in the book…well, there are really too many to list, but of special importance were when in your introductory comments, you talked about how it’s important to be a decent musician yourself as an engineer“.

Want to learn more? Here are some sample pages and enlarged cover graphics.

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